Project226_running on karma / because


for 1/X Andy Lau X Art Exhibition

"The corridor of the heart, Buddhist cliillocosm in a single thought. Karma can be changed within one's mind."

Starting at some random point in the past, Andy Lau's works began to carry a hint of philosophical significance. Among them, there are reflections on himself, the industry, and even society. "Running on Karma" is one representative example.

"Because" is a large-scale paper sculpture artwork co-created by Andy Lau and the local art design team STICKYLINE. In the artwork, each step represents the footsteps of people in the realm of fame and fortune. It symbolizes the journey of growth, but also the burden that comes with it. It represents both glory and shackles. In a long journey, only when the heart is fulfilled can it be empty. Only when the heart is empty can one control the restless mind and desires.

STICKYLINE recreated scenes from Hong Kong famous movie “Running on Karma” as a 3 meters tall art sculpture to resonate back to Andy Lau’s philosophy for 1/X Andy Lau X Art Exhibition during 2023 summer.

exhibition curator : Gary Mok

text credit : Andy Lau

photo credit : The Light Particles

/ 2023

1/X Andy Lau X Art Exhibition Sep 2023