Project206_dancing with David

Interactive Sculpture

for Detour 2021 'Use(fu)less' at PMQ between 2021.11.27-2021.12.12

David cut off Goliath’s head because people needed a legend. David was resurrected in white marble by Michelangelo because people needed a representation of perfection. David was relocated from the top floor of a church to the entrance of Florence City Hall because people needed a symbol of defiance to power. David’s head was eventually copied because people needed to learn how to sketch objects.

Useless and useful, intangible and tangible; it’s all about perception and context. When an object is needed in a specific context and a targeted purpose, it is deemed useful; but if its metaphysical purposes are removed, it becomes useless. Take away the soul of a pinnacle of art, the skill and technique it embodies. Mechanise and magnify it with modern technology, and give it an insignificant function. Add sound, projection and whirling movement—all to make you dance your life away. Is this grotesque purpose useful or useless? You can choose to sneer, or you can dance with David.

By taking advantage of object detection and tracking base on artificial intelligence, a unique behavior and personality is given to David.

sound design : Vanissa Law

programming : Wilson Luniz@Fablab

photo credit : PMQ

/ 2021

Detour 2021 Use(fu)less Nov 2021