Project001_masked creature

Let’s put on the architectural structures of Hong Kong and join city’s massive party !!

On this international island where culture, economy, finance, and tourism converge, a metropolis has been created. Architectural structures created continue to exist in this city. Yet, in a way, they are masked as we do not pay much attention to them as we hustle past them each day. These structures give us both a sense of familiarity and strangeness as they have become part of our lives without our recognition.

“Masked creature” uncovers the architectural buildings of Hong Kong and reconstructs the outline of the Victoria Harbour. Using paper as the medium, the architectural structures along the Victoria Harbour are reconstructed and transformed into paper helmets for us to put on. This whole new approach, which connects the people with the structures, enables us to acquire a better understanding of our beautiful city.

Material : Paper

Size : approx (L)700mm x (W)300mm x (D)300mm *

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/ 2011

Detour Dec 2011

Designmart Jul 2011