Project190_the cityscape

Mixed media installation

for Hysan Development's Inclusive Art & Culture Campaign at Lee Garden One from 2020.01.10 to 2020.04.30

Have you ever lost your thought at night while looking at all the buildings in the city, and start wondering what the stories are behind those windows, as they are being lit up and go dark again? These lights tell the start and the end of one’s day, and every household has its own pattern. The lighting pattern create our unique cityscape.

“The Cityscape” is an installation that combines paper art, lighting and sound, and is designed by STICKYLINE for Lee Garden One, in collaboration with lighting & programming designer Allan Au and sound designer Silly Savvy Studio, with the structure produced by CV Group Limited. The main body is constructed with around 1,000 sets of paper modules. The inspiration of the project comes from the high density of Hong Kong buildings, and is also stimulated by the late photographer Michael Wolf’s photo series “Architecture of Density”. Programmed lights shine through the translucent windows rhythmically, with each window representing a household. The lighting pattern is based on researched statistics of Hong Kong people’s living cycles. The wavy lighting pattern repeats itself once every 7 minutes, simulating the night scene of the city. There are also 3 different soundtracks especially composed for 3 different time slots within a day. They contain sounds that we are familiar with in our daily lives, further adding liveliness into the artistic presentation.

There is an element of music composed and incorporated into Cityscape to portray the everyday life of people in Hong Kong. All three pieces of music specifically composed is to reflect the sound we often neglect living in the city. Cityscape allows the audience to cross the boundaries and step into a tentative oasis from reality for a moment, acting as an escapism of the hectic city.

Material : Paper / Metal structure / Led lights / Programming / Sound design

Size : approx (L)3.6m x (W)3.6m x (D)12m

lighting & programming design : Allan Au

sound design : Vanissa Law

metal structure production : CV Group Limited

project assistant : Icy Ng

project promotion : Lam Kiu Cathy

text credit : May Wong

photo credit : Ching Ho Yin Photography

paper : GMUND color system, distributed by Acumen Paper (HK) LTD

/ 2020

Hysan Development's Inclusive Art & Culture Campaign at Lee Garden One Jan 2020