Project217_jazzing birds


for West Kowloon Cultural District Freespace Jazz Fest 2022

Jazzing Bird is a series of four paper sculpture artworks that depict birds with trumpet pecks. The sculptures are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings of the Freespace Jazz Festival 2022, while also standing out as visually striking and engaging pieces of art. The sculptures convey a sense of playfulness, whimsy, and musicality, inviting festival-goers to explore the space and enjoy the performances.

The sculptures are made of paper, with a glossy black and mirror surface finishing. The use of reflective surfaces creates an intriguing visual effect, as the sculptures reflect the surrounding environment and change in appearance depending on the angle of view.

Jazzing Bird is an art installation that celebrates the joy and vibrancy of jazz music, while also highlighting the beauty and playfulness of nature. Through its unique use of materials and design, the installation invites festival-goers to engage with their surroundings and experience the festival in a new and exciting way.

/ 2022

Freespace Jazz Fest Oct 2022