Project091_diamond XX

Paper Sculpture

for Obscura-Magazine 2015 Autumn/Winter edition. OBJECTS OF LOVE ARTWORK #7.

“This keepsake is not very expensive. But to me, it is the most valuable item as I will present it to you, whom I love the most dearly. People always say eternity, but I hope you will remember your feelings at this moment – a moment owned by both you and me.”

A keepsake is a kind of proof, and a promise between the giver and the receiver. Recently we have invited eight creative units to participate in making artworks for our feature story, More Than A Pledge, in our 2015 Autumn/Winter edition. These artists defined, in their own unique way, what their imagined keepsakes would be like, thus becoming this series – Objects of Love – which is now sold exclusively here on Obscura online store.

This paper model is a one-off limited item, made by Stickyline. Their expertise lies in the art of making 3D origamis and producing environmental-friendly paper goods, such as furniture, toys and fashion accessories. Here is what they said about this piece:

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photo & text credit : Obscura

/ 2015