Project031_if I were Alice

Character & Set Design

Collaboration of Stickyline and MO-DESIGN debuted in 2013. Stickyline had designed a set of character with giant crown set design.

“Dream”, is the theme of the pavilion. It was composed of colors, creation and universal elements. Variety of origami and three-dimensional polygon display cabinets highlighted the color effects of the venue, bringing impressive vivid images to the visitors. From conceptual development to construction, they created a define identity through multiple visual techniques, thereby enhancing the renown of the pavilion. AR Code interactive multimedia interesting activities was introduced for further increased the attendance. In addition, Video Projection Mapping was performed in the opening ceremony.

cooperation: MO-DESIGN

photo & text credit : MO-DESIGN

/ 2013

5th Shenzhen Animation Festival (SZCAF) Jul 2013