Project185_lost in childhood

Interactive Sculpture

for PMQ monthly exhibition 2019

What makes education proper? How can we groom our children in accordance with their aptitude? Are there any fixed formulas?

Nowadays, many parents are pushing their children to win at the starting line. Is such a mindset getting far from the original purpose of parenting?

In the setting of the Giant Kid Puppet with multiple hands is restricted inside a tight space. Despite its giant body, it is being controlled as a marionette by an adult and lacks its own power and freedom to unleash self-potential.

Stickyline design team once again presents their story in a dramatic way through geometric shapes and giant paper sculpture. The exhibition aims to arouse the attention of children development and education, which allows visitors to rethink and trigger new thoughts on the current education system.

structure design credit : Screw up studio

/ 2019

PMQ lost in childhood exhibition Aug 2019