Material :

Paper brooch keyline x 1

A4 write paper x 1

Thick color paper (W)270 x (L)105mm x 1

A pair of magnet x 1

Tool :

A4 Printer, cutter, scissors, ruler, glue.


1. Download the 'brooch keyline'.

2. Print out the keyline on the A4 printer, make sure the size is correct.

3. Tracing the keyline from the A4 print out to the color paper.

4. Red line are cutting line, and green line are crease line.

5. Cut out the pattern and fold up all crease line.

6. Join those three similar patterns to form the top part.

7. Gluing one of magnet on the back of the bottom part.

8. Join the top and the column part together.

9. Put it on your clothe by the other of magnet.

/ Featured in Time Out Hong Kong 'Style Tips'