for Hermès Fall/22 Winter campaign

A group of Night Spirits escaped from the house. 

One of them came up with an idea to climb up to the crescent moon to travel afar.

They moved the furnishings and clutter out of the window. Piled them left and right until a platform was created. 

They climbed higher and higher and finally reached the crescent moon.

An oar was found from the debris and they started rowing to the starry sky. 

The moon travelled high and far as the oars swung back and forth, and the Night Spirits enjoyed the starlit night view at the top of the sky.

Stickyline created this enchanting story into real life storefront installation for Hermès store at Hong Kong and Macau during 2022 winter.

photo credit : Hermès

/ 2022

Hermès (Hong Kong) Harbour City store Nov 2022

Hermès (Hong Kong) Elements store Nov 2022

Hermès (Hong Kong) Pacific Place store Nov 2022

Hermès (Hong Kong) Lee Garden store Nov 2022

Hermès (Macau) Galaxy store Nov 2022

Hermès (Macau) Four Seasons store Nov 2022

Hermès (Macau) Wynn store Nov 2022

Hermès (Macau) One Central store Nov 2022