Paper lighting sculpture

for Design Inspire 2020

In nature, insects undergo metamorphosis, shed off their outer shells and turn into pupas. They then bravely face the unknown.

Living in this accelerating city, no one dares to slow down their pace and is afraid of being lost in the speed.

While our lives are being halted this year, one gradually relaxes, yet is filled with fear, burden, and the silence becomes disturbing.

On the contrary, will this be an opportunity for self-reflection? To re-organize oneself that has been deviated, and begin to contemplate and search for the future that belongs to oneself?

To praise for the breathe of life, Stickyline combines a pre-programmed dimming LED light source with the paper polygon to form a language that presents this lively sculpture.

material : Paper / LED light source / Programming

text credit : May Wong

/ 2020

Design Inspire 2020