Project095_scale up your fear


for SingaPlural 2016 Exhibition

Stickyline amplifies something you could be scared of, by paper folding and creasing; from the imaginary into the reality, and making it into an installation related to your fears.

How will you react when you are forced to confront your fears? Will you escape from it. hate it or face it?

How much do you know about your fears?

The installation will be incomplete without the participation of visitors. Visitors are invited (and will be guided) to make paper roaches by folding and assembling paper parts and place them into the installation. It's a chance for us to rethink and face our fears, how they can influence our lives and how they can ultimately change the world.

Material : Paper

Size : approx (L)500mm x (W)300mm x (D)90mm *

text credit : SingaPlural 2016

/ 2016

SingaPlural 2016 Exhibition Mar 2016