Project065_I believe they can touch the sky

Paper balloon installation

for Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI) yearly festival, 10DAYFEST 2014

Stickyline is going to put up enormous installation in the campus, want to know the secret?

The artists at Stickyline need your help to fold, crease, and combine multi-dimensional paper balloons, which will be suspended in mid-air thanks to the helium balloons hidden inside.

10DAYFEST features a variety of exhibitions, workshops, movie screenings, salons, seminars, and lectures under the permanent theme of “design and society.” Our community will not only have the opportunity to learn what social innovation is, but also to co-create and share with local and international designers, thought leaders, activists, researchers, and makers all striving for new perspectives and positive change.

photo credit : J.C.DISI

/ 2014

10DAYFEST 2014 Exhibition Oct 2014