Project188_Yi Suk Gung

Mixed Media Sculpture

for The 12th Anniversary Ambassadors' Ball 2019

"When in a hurry, pawning is the fastest." We raise funds by taking the traditional pawn customs and using the pawn-ticket as a note. In the future, we will repay by creativeness and unlimited creations as interest to promote the multicultural creative industries in Hong Kong.

STICKLYLINE reproduces the traditional Chinese auspicious pattern “Lucky Bat Hanging Money" in a geometric cutting style, which recreates the prosperity of Hong Kong's traditional pawnshop industry.

Using a combination of both modern and traditional techniques, this sculpture was made by Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) technique to cut the oak wooden frame and hand polished to finish. The stainless steel mirror was laser cut and LED lighting was installed around it.

Stickyline donated this artwork to the 12th Anniversary Ambassadors' Ball 2019 for auction.

Year : 2019

Dimension : W560mm x L900mm x H80mm

Material : CNC cut oak, stainless steel mirror sheet with LED lighting

/ 2019

The 12th Anniversary Ambassadors' Ball 2019 Nov 2019