Project099_who anchored in the woods?

Site Specific Installation

for Côte & Ciel

Coast & Sky, how creatures exist somewhere in between?

“WE” choose to invade while “THEY” can only adapt and coexist.

The exhibition at the lower level is a giant artifact, standing on the sea bed, and it is a sign of civilization. The exhibition at the upper level has a group of small fishes, swimming happily, representing a natural scene.  Two different environments are connected by a chain cruelly, highlighting the differences.

What is your “choice”?

* côte&ciel means coast and sky in French

Material : Paper / Wooden Structure

Size : approx (H)1800mm x (W)1200mm x (D)600mm *

/ 2016

Côte & Ciel 'We anchored in the sea' Exhibition May 2016