Paper headpiece with interactive sound device

for Design Trust "Critically Homemade".

"Isolation" refers to the severance of contact and communication. It is impossible to achieve isolation entirely between people in today's society.

However, during the virus pandemic the public was forced to be isolated completely. Everyone spent time alone in their own way. One may rather jump into the sea, enjoy the tranquility, listen to breath sounds, or to have a conversation with oneself.

STICKYLINE uses paper and geometry as the media to create this interactive sound device with sound designer Vanissa Law, allowing us to take a short break and to have true solitude.

A microphone is installed on the inside of the helmet to pick up the spectators self-talk. The sound is then analysed and turn into lighting. This interactive system encourage user to talk with themselves, and breath, while they are wearing the helmet.

This project was collaborative with sound designer Vanissa Law.

material : Paper / LED lights / Programming

lighting & sound design : Vanissa Law


Exhibition & Auction

Date: 21 Sep - 4 Oct 2020 

Venue: House Studio, 33 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan

Project Page:

This is a community micro-initiative to collaborate with our community and to offer solutions to pressing social and environmental needs through creative means and critical making. This initiative is quite organic with the aim to grow into a community fundraiser for future support to our granting platform, and our support to the design community at large and test concepts of “circular giving”.

Design Trust provides flexible and responsive funding for creative projects and research initiatives that positively impact Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area region and internationally.

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Design Trust "Critically Homemade" Sep 2020