Project026_HKDX DMY 2013

Exhibition design

for Hong Kong Designer Exchange group exhibition 'DMY International Design Festival 2013'

HKDX 2013 - Emersion

An exhibition of designers from diverse practices. Titled Emersion, it refers to the simultaneous and opposing dynamics of ‘Emergence and ‘Immersion’ that are the conceptual and cultural points of departure.

7 groups of designers and artists, each presents their works on 1 of the 7 ‘bars’.

The different slopes of the bars create a dynamic movement where the idea came from the visual identity. It symbolises the emersion of Hong Kong young talents. The details of each bar has been specially designed for each group in order to fit and display the designers’ works as well as for workshops during the exhibition.

Hong Kong Designers’ Exchange is organised by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design.

exhibition design : Miro, Xavier Tsang & Stickyline.

photo & text credit : Miro

/ 2013

DMY International Design Festival (Berlin Tempelhof) Jun 2013