Project167_between 0 and 1

Lighting Sculpture

for Detour 2018 'Trial & error' at PMQ between 2018.11.30-2018.12.09

In the world of mathematics, there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1, these numbers can be enumerated to create endless combinations. We often perceive things exist in alternative states - black and white, light and dark, but in between two ends of the pole are possibilities that may have never crossed your minds. When it comes to creation, there is no absolute right or wrong, good or bad, it’s all about perception. Let go of your intrinsic binary conception, learn to enjoy wandering between the realms in your creative journey, before taking on the path that suits you best. And when you do, don’t look back.

At deTour Nxt's mentorship programme, together we explore various possibilities, break through our habitual thinking patterns and learn to see things in a new light.

Using fluorescent tubes, STICKYLINE constructed a large-scale polyhedron form that breaks through the boundaries of a two-dimensional plane. Dancing in its own changing rhythms of light, it is not only a statement piece that attracts attention, but also a reminder of the capricious nature of this world.

text credit : Kate

/ 2018

Detour 2018 Trial & error Nov 2018