for FFFRIDAY Exhibition 2017

Stickyline collaborates with Fashion Farm Foundation (fff), by using paper and polygon feature to recreate a giant F5 for a secret FFFRIDAY Music party night in the world’s largest multi-level air cargo terminal, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl).

F5 is the VIP guest of FFFRIDAY from space. In its planet, everyone appears the same every day. There is no “fashion” to be seen. F5 never thinks of its own image, not to say styling… until one day, it received a random signal about FFFRIDAY by chance. FFFRIDAY aroused its curiosity since they shared similar names. It all started when F5 decided to pay a visit to this place called “Hong Kong” on earth to find out what was happening there...

Upon its arrival, F5 was very impressed by different fashion styles available in the city. It was obsessed with works of Hong Kong fashion designers and couldn’t wait to learn more about fashion and style, presenting its thoughts and personality. Since then, F5 was present in every FFFRIDAY event, exchanging ideas with designers and creative talents to explore the secrets behind the Hong Kong fashion scene. It will continue to be around in various forms, just like the street posters and banners popping up around Hong Kong.

Hit your “F5” key on your keyboard, and REFRESH.

FFFRIDAY Club Opens Your Eyes.

Material : Paper / Metal Structure

Size : approx (H)3000mm x (W)3600mm x (D)1800mm *

character design credit : Eugene Leung, Lio Yeung

structure design credit : Obie Chan @ ummm design studio

/ 2017

FFFRIDAY Exhibition 2017 Nov 2017