Project063_precision rifle

Paper killer whale installation

for Leica “7 DIGITAL ORIGINALS” (Hong Kong) exhibition

Highlighting the enduring importance of craftsmanship by hand and seeking to bring photos to life in a new way, Leica presents the Hong Kong leg of its “7 DIGITAL ORIGINALS” exhibition series. Issuing a new Leica T to seven artisans from across the United States, Europe and Asia, the renowned camera maker invited them to create special pieces while documenting the process behind the scenes in their workshops.

The latest exhibition will highlight local artists Stickyline, who specialize in transforming two-dimensional images into three-dimensional geometric sculptures using folded paper.

Stickyline presents the nearly three-meter long killer whale that was specially created for the collaboration with Leica.

collaboration : Leica

photo & text credit : hypebeast

/ 2014

“7 DIGITAL ORIGINALS” Exhibition Oct 2014

WOAW Store Oct 2014