Project118_fly on fly paper


for PMQ Stick with Joy - Masking Tape Creativity Fair 2016

Exploring on the possibilities that lie in the original Japanese brand, “Kamoi Fly Catch Paper Works” created by Toshiro Kamoi in 1932, we created a gigantic fly by using their latest artistic MT 'masking tape' in bright colours and fun patterns. Our concept is to change one's perspective by turning an unpleasant insect into a loveable sculpture.

We chose a few ecstatic pastel-coloured paper and incorporated different shades of MT tape to create a pattern, before forming a colossal sculptural fly.

Material : Paper
Size : approx (H)2100mm x (W)2400mm x (D)1200mm *

photo credit : William Ward

/ 2016
Stick with Joy - Masking Tape Creativity Fair 2016 Dec 2016